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Resumes execution of a script event handler instance currently being paused due to a wait() call. You need to pass the callback ID of the event handler instance to be resumed to this function. For the same event type there may be more than one event handler instances running. Each one of them has its own callback ID. You can get the current event handler instance's callback ID by reading the built-in variable $NI_CALLBACK_ID.

Function Prototype

stop_wait(callback-id, [flags])


Argument Name Data Type Description
callback-id Callback ID Event handler instance to be resumed.
flags Integer Number Additional options:
0: No additional option. Just resume the requested currently suspended event handler instance.
1: Not only resume the currently suspended event handler instance, but also let it ignore all subsequent wait() calls. Be very careful when using this option! The resumed handler's built-in variable $NKSP_IGNORE_WAIT will reflect 1 after this call. So the resumed script may read this variable to act accordingly.
[optional, default: 0]

Return Value



None yet.

See also

wait(), abort()


Since LinuxSampler 2.0.0.svn17.

Document Updated:  2017-06-05  |  Author:  Christian Schoenebeck