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Adds the supplied event to the requested event group. This can be used to i.e. conveniently manipulate a set of notes simultaniously with one single call using the helper function by_marks(). The latter acts as placeholder for all event IDs of that group.

Function Prototype

set_event_mark(event-id, group-id)


Argument Name Data Type Description
event-id Event ID Number Event to be assigned to the group.
group-id Event Group ID Number Event group where the event shall be added to. You should pass one of the built-in constant variables $MARK_1 to $MARK_28 for this argument to select one of the 28 available groups.

Return Value



The following example implements two "exclusive" keyboard zones with a split point at key 36. The script enforces that only notes of either one of the two keyboard zones may play at the same time. So for example if you start playing notes left of the split point, all sounds play as usual. Now however, as soon as you hit a note on the right side of the split point, it will cause all notes left of the split point to be released immediately.

Document Updated:  2017-05-28  |  Author:  Christian Schoenebeck