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Overrides and selects another active zone of a particular GigaStudio dimension. Usually each dimension is assigned to some MIDI controller, or to note-on velocity or other sources, and by changing the respective MIDI controller or velocity or the respective source, the respective dimension zone is selected accordingly. With this function you have an alternative to change the currently active dimension zone(s) programmatically at any time.

Function Prototype

gig_set_dim_zone(events, dimension, zone)


Argument Name Data Type Description
events Event Group ID Number or Event Group ID Array Note on event ID(s) of the note(s) where the current dimension zone shall be changed.
dimension Dimension ID Number The dimension that shall be changed. You should pass one of the built-in constants (listed below) to select one of the available dimension types.
zone Integer Number The zone index of the dimension that shall become active.

Return Value


Dimension Constants

You should use one of the following built-in constants for the dimension argument:


None yet.


Since LinuxSampler 2.0.0.

This function is currently only available for the GigaStudio/Gigasampler format engine.

Furthermore this function exists only with NKSP, it is not available with KSP.
Document Updated:  2019-09-18  |  Author:  Christian Schoenebeck