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This function can be used to override the internal fade time of tuning changes upon calls to change_tune(). That fade time is not set globally, but rather on a per-note level. Additionally you might call change_tune_curve() to override the default fade curve shape type.

Function Prototype

change_tune_time(note, duration-us)


Argument Name Data Type Description
note Note ID Number or Note ID Array All voices of this note will be modified.
duration-us Integer Number Fade time in microseconds.

Return Value



The following example demonstrates a simple, custom pitch envelope generator.

See also

change_tune(), change_tune_curve()


Since LinuxSampler 2.0.0.svn45.

This function exists only with NKSP, it is not available with KSP.

Document Updated:  2017-05-29  |  Author:  Christian Schoenebeck