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script Opcode

This is an extension to the SFZ file format which is currently only available with LinuxSampler. It allows to load real-time instrument scripts for SFZ instruments. Find out more about Instrument Scripts ...

Opcode Prototype



The mandatory path parameter defines the file system path to the real-time instrument script file that shall be loaded and executed, which may either be an absolute path or a relative path. A relative path is always interpreted relative to the sfz file's location.

Allowed Sections

May only be used in <global> section.


Loads the WAV file "some_sound.wav" and assigns it to the entire key range of the instrument, and loads the real-time instrument script file "my_nksp_script.txt" from the subdirectory "myscripts". The script will be executed on the respective events the script file provides event handlers for.


Since LinuxSampler 2.0.0.svn37

Extension, not available with any SFZ standard.

Document Updated:  2017-05-20  |  Author:  Christian Schoenebeck