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key Opcode

With this opcode you can cause a region to be played only when the incoming MIDI note is equal to note-value. If you want your region to be triggered by a range of notes, please see lokey and hikey opcodes.

Opcode Prototype



The mandatory note-value parameter defines the note assigned to the region. This parameter only accepts a valid MIDI note number (from 0 to 127) or name (from C-1 to G9):

Note Numbers Note Names Octave
0 to 11 C-1 to B-1 -1
12 to 23 C0 to B0 0
24 to 35 C1 to B1 1
36 to 47 C2 to B2 2
48 to 59 C3 to B3 3
60 to 71 C4 to B4 4
72 to 83 C5 to B5 5
84 to 95 C6 to B6 6
96 to 107 C7 to B7 7
108 to 119 C8 to B8 8
120 to 127 C9 to G9 9

Allowed Sections

May be used in sections <global> and <region>.


Defines one different note for every region.


Since LinuxSampler 2.0.0

Conforms to SFZ v1 Standard.

Document Updated:  2017-05-20  |  Author:  Nicola Pandini