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LSCP2IDF is a set of scripts which extracts the midi instruments from an LSCP file and then converts it to MusE sequencer's IDF format for patches changes in that sequencer.


How to use

Place your target lscp in the same directory as these scripts and edit the first line in, then run

This will split the midi banks into seperate files. Bank name of the midi is the first entry, followed by the instruments in the midi map. Next run

This will generate idf files from the above files in a folder called 'idf'. Finally copy the generated files to ~/.config/MusE/instruments .

Known Limitations / Bugs

  1. Limitation: Only 1 bank inside the instrument map is supported. YMMV with more banks per instrument map (untested).
  2. Limitation: Currently only 'ON_DEMAND' gig loaded instruments are processed properly, but adding support for the other gig loading modes should be easy.
  3. Bug: Special characters in the midi map name like '/' cause the script to ignore these banks.

    Workaround: You can use + instead like 'Guitars+Keyboards' in the midi instrument map name.


Cleanup idf output. It works, just needs to be alot cleaner visually


These scripts are licensed under GPL V2 or later.

Document Updated:  2017-07-20  |  Author:  Andrew Coughlan